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Made from 100% premium combed cotton

Beneath shirts feel light, smooth and amazing on your skin. Simply put, it’s the best undershirt you’ve ever worn.


The perfect match of softness and durability. Our undershirts are light enough to breath, yet strong enough to provide a smooth fit.

Premium undershirts designed by a former Lululemon designer. Engineered with our ‘Wash-to-Fit’ technology, we guarantee a perfect fit after every wash.

'Wash-To-Fit' Technology

Hate when your undershirt shrinks and becomes unwearable after a wash? Us too.

Beneath undershirts were engineered to fit perfectly after washed.

Wash and dry your undershirt like any other garment, and we guarantee it will fit exactly the same after every wash.

'Wash-To-Fit' Technology

Optimal Fabric Density

Not too thick and bulky, not too thin and see-through.

This is not your run of the mill undershirt. After testing over 50 different fabric types and densities, we landed on a top quality fabric made from 100% premium combed cotton.

Beneath undershirts were designed with a custom fabric density to reflect the optimal thickness for a premium undershirt.

'Wash-To-Fit' Technology

Tuck It With Confidence

Undershirts that bunch at your belt line suck. We fixed that.

We designed Beneath undershirts to always stay tucked in, and prevent uncomfortable bunching.

'Wash-To-Fit' Technology

Size Chart

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How do I measure my chest?

Measure around the body, under the arms and across the fullest part of the chest apex including the lower portion of the shoulder blades. Ensure tape measure is level all around.

Questions about your size? Feel free to email us at

The Beneath Model

Our unique undershirt membership allows us to sell the first premium 'wash-to-fit' undershirt on the market for a fraction of the price.

Leading Competitor $42.33 Cost per shirt Beneath $14.14 Cost per shirt Premium Undershirts (7-pack)

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